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Another Romanian in Italy accused of rape and attempted murder

de V.O.
Luni, 21 aprilie 2008, 9:11 English | Regional Europe

Another Romanian in Italy fires up Italian public opinion against Romanian immigrants. Ioan Rus, aged 37 was arrested at the La Storta train station, Northern Rome on Thursday night and is accused of having raped and stabbed a 31 year old young woman. The victim is the daughter of an African diplomatic representative. The woman is alive.

According to La, the woman was threatened by the aggressor as she was exiting the train station. The man stabbed her and raped her in a deserted place nearby. However, the scene was witnessed by two young men who alerted the police. The case drew much media attention in Italy over the past several days.

Thus, the aggressor was arrested and the victim transported to the hospital. Doctors declared that the victim was in danger of losing her life. The incident is currently on the political agenda of one candidate running for local elections in Rome.

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