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Vladimir Voronin accuses Bucharest of stirring up controversies in Transniester conflict

de A.C.
Marţi, 29 aprilie 2008, 12:34 English | Regional Europe

Official state relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova might become more tense, Russian daily Nezavisimaia gazeta reads. The main reason to fire these fears is, according to Moldovan politicians, a speech Vladimir Voronin read in which he accused Bucharest officials of stirring up the Transniester conflict. Moldavian politicians accuse Voronin of using such statements in his wish to put on hold the decline of the local Communist party in Chisinau. 

In a public television talk show, Voronin declared that Bucharest officials compelled former post-Soviet Moldovan leader Mircea Snegur to start up the Transniester war and enter in Tighina. Voronin underlined that these facts must be revealed at all costs.

Moldavian Liberals reacted promptly and declared that Voronin's declaration was in fact the go for the electoral campaign for parliamentary  elections and the anti-Romanian rethoric will bring about important electoral capital.

The daily newspaper quotes former Moldavian PM at the time, Anatol Plugaru who said that he is not aware of any Romanian pressure upon the government at that time. Plus, he added that Romania actually financed Moldova to exit USSR.  

Moreover, the Security minister of the breakaway region of Transniester Vladimir Antiufeev said that Romanians have supported Moldivans directly by supplying arms and Romanian tanks.

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