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Dozens of Romanians convicted in Ireland in 2008 only

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 2 mai 2008, 14:17 English | Regional Europe

Dozens of Romanian citizens were convicted in 2008 all around Ireland, for crimes ranging from theft to mendicancy networking. According to Police (Garda) statistics, Romanians mostly steal bags from pubs and cars, steal various products from stores, upkeep begging networks and pick pockets. A lot of Romanians were also found driving without valid car insurance.

A few cases in 2008:

- On March 28, 12 Romanians were arrested during Police raids in Tallaght (South-West Dublin), with 30,000 euro worth of goods recovered. The group was specialized in stealing from cars and homes.
- Also in March: Three Romanian women were caught stealing salami and coffee in a food supermarket. They were fined 250 euro each and got a warning.
- In April, a 22-year old woman was caught stealing products worth 29 euro from a Tesco supermarket. In court, she said it was only because she was hungry. The judges let her go, under monitoring.
- A Romanian maintenance employee stole a laptop from the company he was working for.
- Two weeks ago, two Romanians were arrested after ambushing a man withdrawing cash from an ATM.

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