Romanian Governing Liberals delegated its European MPs to demand the European Commission to dismiss EC Commissioner Franco Frattini for his declarations regarding the free movement of persons. In a couple of interviews, Frattini said that the freedom of movement Directive is outdated and needs to be revised. Romanian MEP Renate Weber initiated a letter to be sent to the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso.

Liberal Vice President (PNL) Teodor Melescanu declared on Monday that the party decided to delegate all its European representatives to support Renate Weber's action. Moreover, he said that Frattini was currently involved in the electoral campaign and would declare anything to secure electoral capital.

Renate Weber declared that Frattini's declarations represented a direct attack against European legislation and a breach of the mandate he needs to fulfill at the European level. Frattini declared in a couple of interviews for the Italian newspapers Il Stampa and Il Giornale that illegal immigrants suspected of crimes needed also be arrested, judged through an emergency procedure and expelled to their counties to fullfill prison time.