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Romanian beggars: we are doing fine at Rome, eating even three times a day

de A.C.
Luni, 12 mai 2008, 9:18 English | Regional Europe

Rome's recently elected mayor Gianni Alemanno considers that Romanian beggars need to be expelled with the help of Romanian authorities. He adds that the situation needs to be managed by both sides with the collaboration of NGOs. On the other hand, Romanian beggars on Rome's streets expressed their solidarity with two co-nationals arrested for their exploitation. They assured authorities they are doing well, as they eat three meals a day. 

Two weeks ago, Alemanno promised his electoral supporters that his first goal as Mayor of Rome was to expel some 20,000 illegal immigrants who are not able to support themselves financially. Some of the beggars where taken off the streets and placed in a public assistance house, Madre Teresa di Calcutta in Rome.

Alemanno declared that he contacted a Romanian NGO and urged authorities to set up a similar public assistance house which would host beggars with disabilities expelled from Rome. This way, Alemanno says, beggars will not be dumped back on Romanian streets but they will be offered humanitarian help.

Young Romanian beggars exploited by two co-nationals who have been imprisoned declared that those who enslaved them were just as poor as they are. They added that their living conditions were now fine, since they get to eat at least two or even three times a day while back in Romania they could only get one meal per day.

Rome's mayor declared that beggars do not tell the truth due to the fear that their two co-nationals might hurt them. The four Romanian beggars already expelled were mutilated and then sent off the streets. He added that those confessing about their grievances will not be dumped, but will receive humanitarian help both in Rome and Romania.

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