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Il Giornale warns Romanian minister that Italy is no longer "promised land" for Romanian immigrants

de V.O.
Marţi, 13 mai 2008, 21:50 English | Regional Europe

Italian media on Tuesday debated extensively the future set of laws prepared by authorities in Rome to deal with immigrants and public safety in the country, with a focus on Romanian immigrants and warnings to authorities in Bucharest about what is next to come. La Republicca, Corriere della Sera and Il Giornale are among the newspapers that dealt with the set of laws and the reaction of the Romanian government yesterday on their front pages today, correspondent Miruna Cajvaneanu reports.

La Repubblica quoted on its Tuesday front page Interior minister Roberto Maroni who proposed the use of troops to defend public safety. It also recalls the position of Romania whose authorities warned against the appearance of xenophobic acts in Italy. Romanian Ambassador to Italy Razvan Rusu is also quoted as saying that Italians should make a clear distinction between honest Romanian people who have integrated with the Italian society well and those involved in criminal acts who should be punished as deserved.

The same warning against acts of xenophobia that the Romanian government issued on Monday is quoted by Il Messaggero as well.

For its part, Corriere della Sera describes the position of the Romanian government extensively as wll as that of Italian minister Franco Frattini who said Italy would not want to harm relations with Romania, but while honest Romanians would be welcomed in Italy, criminal immigrants from Romania should be caught and sent back to their home country - no mass expulsion involved.

Il Giornale deals with the issue of Romanian criminals in Italy as well with a harsh column on its front page that says Romania should take its criminals back. The paper blames the presence of many Romanian criminals in Italy on the policies of the Prodi government who it says opened the door to Romanians and Bulgarians to Italy.

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