The living conditions - when referring to accommodation - of Romanians working in Spain are significantly better, compared to Romanians working in Italy. 14% of the Spanish immigrants coming from Romania own houses, compared to 8% in Italy. Income is also significantly higher: 1,230 euro in Spain, compared to 1,000 in Italy, a study conducted by the Romanian Governmental Strategies Agency (ASG) in March and April reveals.

Living in improper conditions in Spain is also far more uncommon in Spain - 0.2%, compared to 3% in Italy.

In Spain, most Romanians work in constructions -29%, followed by domestic and maintenance works - 14%, bartending, waiting on tables or chefs - 10%, commerce - 5% and hospitality - 3%. These areas of work cover a total of 61% of all Romanian immigrants in Spain.

Also compared to Italy, Romanians in Spain have more of an enterprising spirit: 34% dream of opening their own businesses, compared to 24% in Italy, work more for a higher income (67% vs. 50%) or continue their studies or earn more qualification ( 33% vs. 20%).

Most immigrants in both countries are Romanian ethnics, Roma ethnics representing 1% of the total in Spain and 5% in Italy.