Russia's military commander Vladimir Vysotski plans to increase the number of battle ships in Sevastopol. Moreover, he alreadty thinks to move the fleet in the Meditereean Sea after 2017 despite the lack of any political decision to back up such a move move. Military experts consider that the idea is a logical step while a fleet increase seems populist.

Russia does not hold free ships and the only solution would be to take over ships from other fleets RBK informs. The move is a good strategy, Academy of Geopolitical Issues President Leonid Ivasov declares.

In the same vein, analyst Aleksandr Hramcihin said that the idea is a good one but a part of the fleet should remain in the Black Sea to secure the Russian seaside. Moreover, he pointed out that Russians do not hold any position in the Mediterranean with the exception of Tartus, Syria, where an understanding with the Syrians may be reached.