Until practical measures are taken by Moscow, both Transniester and Abkhazia seek protection from Brussels and Washington, Russian newspaper Nezavyssimaya Gazeta writes, emphasizing that Russia's inconsistency in dealing with the two countries can lead to their improvement of relations with the West. At least, this is what sources of the newspaper at Tiraspol and Suhumi implicitly argue.

Transniester officials are negotiating with EU officials on the future of the region, according to the paper. One of the results is that Brussels allocate funds for the regulating process of the Transniester crisis and will create a special fund.

Communications Parliamentary Assembly Secretary General Grigore Marakuta declared that this is the only option left if Moscow abandons his country. Moreover, he said that Transniester plans to integrate in the European structures, according to the paper.

At their turn, Abkhazia officials opened their own communication channel with the West to use in case Moscow is late to accomplish its promises towards the region.