The European Commission issued a European-level radioactive alert on Wednesday evening following a nuclear incident at the Krsko power plant in Slovenia, which is being shut down according to safe procedures, AFP has reported.

The European radioactive emergency system received a message from Slovenia at about 3 p.m. GMT today following a water-leaking malfunction at the cooling system.

BBC quotes a Reuters report according to which Slovenian nuclear safety chief Andrej Stritar says "there is no influence on the environment and we do not expect any."

The EU, quoted by the BBC, says there has been no explosion or discharge into the environment.

UPDATE: According to a press release issued by the European Commission, Slovenian authorities informed that the situation is under control and the reactor was completely shut down, while some of its parts are still in the cooling process. Romanian Environment Minister Attila Korodi confirmed as early as yesterday that monitoring stations in Romania did not indicate any risk.