Swiss newspaper Le Temps published in its May 29 edition a cartoon that supposedly reflected the way Romanians understand their right to free movement: a beggar in front of a bank is told by a policeman "Move it!". Two days before, Switzerland had signed a protocol with the European Union on expanding the right to free movement to Romania and Bulgaria. Romanian ambassador in Switzerland, Ionel Nicu Sava, as well as the Romanian ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Doru Costea, sent a reply - published on Thursday - saying that the cartoon is offensive towards Romanians living and honestly working in Switzerland.

The two diplomats wrote to the newspaper the same day the drawing was published, but the letter was printed only on May 5.

At this moment, there are 4,000 Romanians living and working in Switzerland. The European football championship will probably bring at least as many as tourists coming for the games.