Ukrainian citizens have to wait for weeks at Romania's consulate in Cernauti, in order to obtain a visa for Romania. A Romanian journalist established in Ukraine told Hotnews.Ro reporters how his Ukrainian wife had to wait for two months to obtain her visa. Meanwhile, authorities kept demanding various papers, including a bus ticket. In the end, it was proved that some of the papers were useless. Romanian Foreign Ministry representatives say an investigation was opened in the case.

Romanian citizen Liviu Timis has been working in Ukraine for three years and is married to an Ukrainian woman. In the two months of waiting for her visa, Romanian authorities demanded even the bus ticket towards Romania, although the transportation means and the departure date were yet to be established.

After being misinformed on the necessary documents, Timis found out that he needed to "call" his wife to Romania, but was unable to do so, since he no longer owns a house in his native country. Meanwhile, in front of the Consulate, Romanian citizens are willing to invite anyone to visit them. For a price, of course: 40 dollars per invitation. In the end of his story, Liviu Timis says he found out that the consulate employees have no clue about what papers are really necessary for the visa.