French president Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country will take over the European Union presidency next month, warns that the Union may not be able to include new members, in case the Lisbon Treaty doesn't come into force. Croatia should join the EU in 2010.

"Several countries, that have reserves regarding the Lisbon Treaty, still they are the strongest supporters in the EU enlargement. There will be no enlargement without the Lisbon Treaty", said the French president during the European summit in Brussels. The statement is valid also for Croatia, said Sarkozy, when asked by the journalists.

Sarkozy added that he will visit Ireland, as soon as France takes over the EU presidency, in order to find a solution for the Treaty to be accepted.

In order to come into force, the document must be signed by all 27 members of the European Union. Ireland is the only country that had to organize a popular vote on the subject, given its constitutional regulations. The Treaty was ratified by 19 countries so far.