The Romanian Parliament will be roughly criticized in the Justice Report the European Commission will issue on July 23. The fact that the Parliament is required to offer a positive or negative notice for the launching of criminal investigations against former officials accused of corruption is not well seen in Brussels, sources in the European Commission declared for Despite all the signals Romanian parliamentarians received from the Commission and despite all public statements saying that high-level corruption is the main problem in Romania, the officials "think rather at themselves" than at the benchmarks agreed with the European Union.

The European Commission, which carefully surveys the latest evolutions in Romania, considers that the high-level corruption continues to be the main problem Romania faces. Sources say that the report will criticize the attempt of Romanian MPs to take the place of the Justice system and to judge whether the cases regarding dignitaries should be prosecuted or not.

The European Commission is not interested in any person in particular, even though the report in January referred to the case of a former Prime Minister, the only one in this situation being Adrian Nastase. The Commission is rather interested in seeing such cases sentenced in court. The reason is simple: such sentences would discourage some of the future similar acts. Under the current circumstances, this can not happen, since the investigated acts never make it even to the Court.