All European Union States should ratify the Lisbon Treaty before the European elections in 2009, said Romania president Traian Basescu at the end of the European Council summer works in Brussels. EU leaders decided to ratify the Lisbon treaty despite the fact that Ireland voted against the document.

Statements made by president Traian Basescu:

* EU leaders decided to continue the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty;

* The Treaty modifies the number of European members of the Parliament (MPs) for each state; it is difficult to imagine elections for the European Parliament in June without a ratified Treaty;

* The President of the European Parliament is no longer counted along with the total number of MPs;

* According to the Treaty, EP becomes a partner for the European Commission and the system of joint decisions is introduced;

* At this moment, EU functions on the grounds of the Nisa Treaty; without the Lisbon Treaty, we can not speak of Croatia or the Western Balkans ever joining the 27 states;

* A partnership for mobility was opened with Moldova; and the access of Moldovan citizens on the Western labor market was eased;

* An European perspective for the Western Balkans is consolidating;

* All Western Balkans states signed an Association and Stability Agreement with the EU;

Statements made by PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu

* Another subject discussed at the summit was the food price growth;

* We may not stay in an institutional debate blockage, since the citizens of Europe expect an answer to problems they face directly;

* The spectacular growth of prices is determined by the lowering of resources;

* It was agreed that two set of steps can be taken: on a short term, including fiscal measures, and mainly on a long term;

* EU already took steps in the matter;

* Romania signed a letter addressed to the European Commission, asking equal access for all farmers to EU subsidies;