Siberia will host on Thursday and Friday (June 26-27) a Russian - European Union Summit designed to improve the relationship between the two neighbors, Nezavisimaia gazeta informs. Poland and Lithuania unlocked the negotiations for the new collaboration and partnership agreement. This will be the first meeting between European leaders and Dmitri Medvedev, the new Russian president.

Medvedev already took position in favor of instating a true state-of-law in Russia, promising to intensify the anti-corruption campaigns and to reduce the role the State plays in the economy. The position received wide support from all EU leaders. The Union now expects the Russian leader to put his promises into practice.

The Russian newspapers adds though that there is no reason to truly expect radical changes, as long as Vladimir Putin remains by Medvedev's side, as Prime Minister. The continuity remains the motto of the current governance, despite the fact that the words may change.

The discussions between Russia and the European Union promise to be long and complex, since both parties intend to debate all aspects of their mutual relation, from OSCE principles to regional security. The energy policies will be the most delicate issues to be discusses. EU will insist on equal partnership conditions and will demand mutual advantages for European and Russian companies. At the same time, it must be kept in mind that Russia provides 70% of all the natural gas Europe imports.