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Hungary: Communist era cars allowed on the roads for another 12 years

de A.C.
Marţi, 15 iulie 2008, 13:35 English | Regional Europe

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Foto: Rompres
Communist era cars like Trabant and Wartburg will be allowed on Hungarian roads for another 12 years, the Hungarian government has ruled. The decision extends the deadline by which these cars will be forbidden on Hungarian roads until 2020. 

The decree affects cars such as Trabant and Wartburg but also the Barkas buses. The government took this decision because the owners of such cars declared that their cars do not have a higher impact that others have upon the environment.

Millions of Trabant models were used in Central Eastern Europe but their production ceased a few years after the Communist block dismantled. Currently, in Hungary there are some 40,000 Trabant models.

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