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All Italian citizens to be fingerprinted starting 2010

de A.C.
Miercuri, 16 iulie 2008, 18:00 English | Regional Europe

Starting January 2010 all citizens living in Italy will be fingerprinted, the Italian news website TGCom reads. The decision is integrated in an amendment of the Finance Commission of the Italian House of Deputies. According to the new measures, the new ID will be available for 10 years and will contain all digital fingerprints of the owners. 

Members of the Italian Democratic Party, the main opposition party, declared that they were satisfied with the new measures taken by the government. Moreover, a new ID containing the digital fingerprints of the owners will be imposed all over the Union, two deputies said. Currently, there is no European directive to regulate the issue but it is one of the European official priorities in the upcoming future, Italian Democrats Misiani and Calvisi explained.

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