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Romanians drop Ireland as destination for work

de A.C.
Luni, 21 iulie 2008, 18:23 English | Regional Europe

Ireland has become one of the most unattractive Western countries for Romanians in their search for a better job. Their main reason: the dramatic fall of the construction market. According to Irish officials, the first six months of the year only some 3,812 Romanians applied for a PPS number needed to get a work contract, as compared to 9,061 in the first six months of 2007. 

This year less Romanians received a working permit: only 76 of the 3,306 Romanians with a PPS number. An official declared that the number clearly shows how many Romanians work on the black market.

Irish authorities are compelled by the Union to withdraw the work restrictions currently imposed for Romanians starting January 2009. Thus, if less and less Romanians are attracted to the Irish market, and the number of those living in Ireland decided to return in the country, market specialists declared that the Irish government will open up the market for Romanians. Experts argue that the measure will lead to an increase of legal taxes collected from Romanians.

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