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Romanian Social Democrats MEPs criticize the EC while European People's Party MEPs find EC conclusions pertinent

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Joi, 24 iulie 2008, 10:41 English | Regional Europe

Romanian Socialist MEPs criticize the recent EC report on Romania's justice sector because the report does not take into account the causes of corruption. Moreover, they urge the Commission to end the supervision of the Romanian justice sector. On the other hand, the European People's Party members saluted the EC report and underline the fact that Romanian politicians hide behind declarations.

EPP President Joseph Daul declared that Romanian politicians should not feel they are above the law, on the contrary. He underlined that governing political parties need to push the fight against corruption and un-block high corruption cases.

Moreover, EPP parliamentarians consider that Romanian authorities hide behind political declarations and take no action. The judicial system is the only one responsible for the decisions made in high corruption cases, irrespective of the social status of those under investigation, Daul added.

On the other hand, Romanian Socialist MEPs severely criticize the recent EC report on the Romanian justice sector, a press release of the Social Democrats MEPs informs. Sustained by Romanian Adrian Severin, the MEPs demand the Commission to end the monitoring mechanism. Moreover, they add that the EU's impact is to move the discussion to political areas rather than stick of objective, measurable results.

Romanian Social Democrats MEPs declare that Romania's justice sector is reduced, in the minds of EU officials, to some high corruption cases accused of minor deeds. Plus, anti-graft prosecutors which are congratulated for their work in the report were named on political reasons only. Therefore, EU officials should not offer more credit to named prosecutors than to elected parliamentarians.

The main conclusions of the report are that the Commission should investigate the causes of corruption rather than its effects. Moreover, the report underlines the fact that big European companies are not investigated at all despite severe accusations that arose.

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