An increasing number of countries launched appeals for an immediate cease fire and the signing of a truce in the conflict area of South Ossetia, while the European Union and the United States threatened Russia in a subtle manner with a cooling of their relations in case Russia continues its intervention on Georgian soil. Moscow officials answered that the solving of the situation in South Ossetia is hampered by the Western countries.

UPDATE: Russian aircraft bombed the suburbs of Georgian capital city, Tbilisi, despite the call for peace Georgia issued earlier, AFP informs.

"The Western states behaved strangely from the very first hours of aggression against South Ossetia, maintaining an inexplicable silence", said the Russian official. "Then, as following a sign, some states begun to criticize Russia, currently standing against the decision we took in order to stop the fights, questioning the methods, the objectives and the pace of our action. This raises questions about how honest and fair their position towards Russia really is", said Grigori Karasin, adding that "In the future, when Moscow will participate in discussions about the international structures, we will take into account these aspects.

Meanwhile, Ukraine threatened to forbid the Russian fleet to return to the Sevastopol harbor until the conflict is over and authorities in Tbilisi officially demanded the United States to involve in the negotiations. A position from the EU diplomacy is expected on Wednesday.

At the same time, Russia demanded the United Nations to withdraw its observers from Abkhazia. Russia sent 10,000 more troops in Georgia on Sunday, despite the fact that Georgia withdrawn almost all its troops from the conflict area and asked Moscow to negotiate a truce. Russia didn’t answer the invitation and accused Georgia of continuing its operations in Ossetia.