The Georgian crisis brought the friendly relations between America and Russia to an end, while Moscow has deliberately chosen to return on the international stage and protect its energy-related interest in its immediate neighborhood, Russian newspapers note, as quoted by AFP. "The good relations between USA and Russia are in the past now", daily Kommersant reads.

"Moscow announced the return to a nostalgic past, and everyone will have to take this into account. Russia is just as important on the international stage as the United Nations or NATO and is self-sufficient to impose justice, as the Western countries did in Kosovo", adds.

"The West considered that everything is allowed. Russia proved for good that it doesn't intend to play by the rules imposed by the West", Izvestia reads.

The Russian military intervention in Georgia caused a tension between Moscow and Washington at a level unprecedented since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Returning to a vocabulary that hasn't been used since the Cold War, president Bush demanded the withdrawing of Russian troops from Georgia, asking for the support of the "free world" for the former Soviet republic.

Moscow officials also chose to use a hard language, the Russian Foreign Minister urging the US on Wednesday to choose between the partnership with Russia and the support for Georgia. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin previously accused in rough terms the United States.