Russian troops chose not to leave the city of Gori, after announcing during the night that they will withdraw from the site, a spokesman of the Georgian Interior Ministry announced on Thursday, quoted by AFP. "All night, they said they will leave, but they changed their minds. The Georgian troops gave up entering the city of Gori, in order to avoid any confrontation with the Russians", the above-mentioned source indicated.

A convoy of 20 Georgian armored vehicles heading for Gori was stopped 30 kilometers away from the city. On Thursday morning, the same spokesman declared that Russian troops begun to withdraw, while Georgian Police and special forces begin to take control of the town.

For the moment, the war of statements continues, Georgia and Russia accusing each other of not respecting the cease-fire agreement terms.

A series of explosions took place near Gori at noon, Romanian time, AFP informs. According to eye-witnesses, Russian tanks entered in the port of Poti and head for a nearby military base.