Russian president Dmitri Medvedev met German chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday, in Sochi, to discuss the peace process in Georgia. The peace must be restored and guaranteed in South Ossetia, so that no one would get any more "idiotic ideas", said the Russian president. "Unfortunately after what has happened it is unlikely Ossetians and Abkhazians can live in one state with Georgians," Medvedev said at the news conference after the meeting.

Medvedev's position:

* Russia will react as it did in South Ossetia in case Russian citizens are attacked again

* We agreed with president Sarkozy on fundamental principles for solving the situation. The authorities in Tbilisi are left to respect it

* We discussed about the need for an objective reflection of the situation

* The most important thing is to help all the people who suffered in this conflict

* We will help rebuilding the constructions which were

* We shall discuss these matters with our American partners

* After what happened in the region, it is unlikely that the Abkhaz or the Ossetian people can live in one state with Georgians

* Russia, as a guarantor of security in the Caucasus and the entire region, will take a decision able to reflect the position of the two people

* The people of Ossetia and Abkhazia can trust no one, except for the Russian troops, and the history has proven that they can count on no one else

* We didn't wish for a worsening of our relations with the European Union or any of its members

* It is a situation in which reason must prevail

* We should not look for a single guilty part or blame everything on Russia, the consequences of the conflict must be reduced to a minimum, so that everyone will be satisfied

* Russia will fulfill its peace mission

Angela Merkel's position:

* Russia's actions were not out of proportion

* We don't think it's reasonable for Russia to have such a massive presence in the Central Georgia

* Russian troops should be withdrawn, according to the agreement negotiated with president Sarkozy

* I don't think we shall find an immediate solution for this conflict, but we shall definitely make some progress

* The statements made by president Medvedev should be doubled by a quick withdrawing of the troops from Georgian soil

* We wish for more international observers in the region

* Georgia's territorial integrity must be preserved, in case we truly want to find a solution

* The principle of Georgia and Ukraine joining NATO remains in force

* The starting point in solving the conflict in South Ossetia must be Georgia’s territorial integrity

* Germany will send humanitarian aid in both Georgia and South Ossetia.