Some 68.6% of Spaniards consider that Spain hosts too many immigrants, a survey reveals, quoted by Agence France Presse. In Spain, the biggest immigrant communities are from Romania, Morocco and Ecuador.

The survey was published by the Spanish daily El Mundo and is part of a series of articles dedicated for the 30th anniversary of the Spanish constitution. The number of immigrants exploded in Spain as the Spanish economy developed in the last ten years.

Currently, however, Spain faces serious economic problems and unemployment rises especially among immigrants. On June 1, 2008 there were some 5.22 million foreigners in Spain, representing 11.3% of the total population. In 1996, there were only 500,000 immigrants in the country.

Thus, immigration has become the third biggest problem Spanish authorities and population need to face, after unemployment and the economy, a Spanish survey reveals. In the parliamentary election campaign, the immigration problem was central.