President Traian Basescu pleaded, during his meeting with the Azerbaijan president, Ilham Aliyev, in favor of “prudent and wise actions” for the stabilization of the Black Sea situation after the recent events in Georgia, as well as for the continuation of energy projects in the area.

"The conclusion of our discussions was that it is not now the moment to search for guilty parties for what happened in Georgia, but it is a time for prudent and wise action. We need to stabilize and secure the situation in the area. The responsibility belongs to all the leaders in the area, leaders or larger or smaller states, with more or less influence", said Basescu.

The head of the Romanian state said that the events in Georgia must come to an end very quickly, through the withdrawal of the Georgian and Russian troops to then positions they had before the conflict.

The events in Georgia generated questions about this area's capacity to provide an energy market within the European Union. "The development of transport infrastructure for natural gas and crude oil is a key element for both the region itself and the European Union. Georgia will continue to be one of our good partners", said Basescu.