Russian Foreign Affairs minister Serghei Lavrov declared on Tuesday that all parties involved in the Transniester conflict were ready to return to the Kozak plan initially set up in 2003 to deal with the conflict and ready to solve all frozen issues there, Itar Tass informs.

Putin's staff member, Dimitri Kozak was the one to offer a solution to the Transniester conflict, by proposing a Republic of Moldova federation. The plan, 'basic principles of the unified state' is actually a federalization project and was dropped due to opposition from other parties involved in efforts to solve the Transdniestr conflict.

Transniester and Gagauzia, according to the plan, would get a right to organize referendum and decide whether they want to be part of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, the plan would offer them a veto right to both domestic and international policies that might hinder their interests.