A military leader of Moldova Republic's breakaway region of Transdniester declared that the region's independence is just a matter of time while a Tiraspol parliamentarian declared that admitting the region's independence was the only option open to leaders in the Republic of Moldova if they want peace. Within this context, British and French foreign ministers expressed their fears that Russia could have a similar option for Transniester as the one chosen with Georgia, EUobserver writes.

Thus, French Foreign minister Kouchner declared in an interview for radio Europe 1 that Russia might find it in its interest to push for the same strategy in the Transniester region as the one used in Georgia.

At his turn, his British counterpart David Miliband, in a visit to Ukraine, shares Kouchner's fears and urged Ukrainian authorities to restrain from offering Russians any pretext to retaliate in force. Nonetheless, Transnistrian military leader Vladimir Atamaniuk declared that the Republic of Moldova would recognize the independence of the territory and that's just a matter of time.