Russia tested on Thursday a Topol missile that is able to penetrate the anti-missile shield systems, Russian news agencies inform quoting nuclear strategic forces. Strategic forces spokesperson Alexandr Vovk, quoted by AFP, declared that Russian experts conducted today a routine test on a Topol missile.

The missile successfully reached the Kamchatka peninsula, set at its target at a distance of more than 6,000 km. The test proved the capacity of the missile to reach highly protected targets very precisely, the Russian official added.

A previous test was conducted on December 2007 when the Topol M missile was tested. The test comes after both the US and Poland signed last Wednesday, after almost 18 months of negotiations, an agreement setting up a parts of the US missile shield in Poland.

Both countries declared that the shield was not a threat to neighboring countries, nor to Russia. The United states could set up in Poland in 2012 intercepting missiles capable of destroying any threatening missiles. The system is connected to a powerful radar that will be installed in the Czech Republic.

Moscow officials consider the American moves in Europe a threat for its security and warns that it would respond in the same manner. The new unfolding conflict between Georgia and Russia determined the US to give in to Polish pressures in this file in order to end negotiations. And this was considered another argument to sustain Russia's belief that the shield targeted Russia.

Last week, a Russian military official declared that Poland became a target when it accepted the American deal. Moreover, he warned that Russia's military regulations allow the use of nuclear arms. However, Washington cooled off these threats.