An Ukrainian deputy accuses Romanian of having territorial demands in the Northern area of Bucovina and asks Bucharest to withdraw its complaint tables in the Hague's International Court of Justice. "I remind that the Romanian president, Mr. Basescu, declared that his country demands our Southern Bucovina and North Bucovina. It is sad that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which artificially "pumps up" the mythical Russian threat, does nor react in any way to these dangerous ambitions of the Romanian president", said Yuri Boyko, representative of the Regions' Party, Ria Novosti informs.

"The Supreme Rada must demand our diplomats to adopt positions that defend our national interest", said the deputy, "mainly now, when the International Court of Justice analyzes the complaint Romania made about the Serpents Island".

Boyko's main statements:

- Ukraine must involve in the Transdniester Republic negotiations, which will begin on September 8.

- Romania must give up all its territorial claims in its relation with Ukraine, with written guarantees from other participants in the negotiations - Russia, USA and EU

- The Transdniester Republic must have the cultural and linguistic autonomy granted

- the Moldova - Transdniester federation must be neutral

- Transdniester must be able to remain independent in case Moldova is united with Romania.