Romanians wishing to work on a temporary base in Spain will be selected for the agricultural sector, Romanian news agency NewsIn informs quoting RRA public radio. The Spanish Labor Ministry press office confirmed the information for RRA and added that the measure to reduce temporary contracts did not affect Romanians working in agriculture in Spain.

Spanish Labor minister Celestino Corbacho announced a series of measures that would help Spain put up to the new economic troubles it is facing. Thus, he declared that Spain will close its recruiting agencies in various countries since now, there are some 2.5 million unemployed Spaniards.

Corbacho admitted that the measure would be applied only to some sectors and thus Romanians working in agriculture should not worry. In Spain, there are some 750,000 of registered Romanians but real numbers jump to over 1 million. The Spanish economy is in recession, registering high unemployment rates.