An Aeroflot Boeing 737-500 crashed near to the Ural mountains, causing the death of all 88 passengers o board, Reuters informed on Sunday. Some 21 foreign citizens are among the victims. A press release of the airline announced that the 21 foreign citizens come from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, France, Switzerland, Lithuania, US, Germany, Turkey and Italy.

The plane, on an internal route, crashed after an unsuccessful attempt to land in Perm. Russian minister for emergency situations, Iryna Andrianova declared that there were 82 passengers in the plane and 6 members of the crew. Due to the impact, there were no survivors. She added that seven of the victims were children.

Firefighters managed to put off the fire but parts of the plane scattered in a 4 km radius and affected the Trans-Siberian railway. Investigations are currently under progress as authorities attempt to determine the causes of the accident.