The Sudanese government announced on Tuesday that it detected where 19 hostages, including one Romanian citizen, are held by their kidnappers. But it said it would not launch an operation to save them as their lives may be at risk. Meanwhile, the Romanian Foreign Ministry informed about the warnings and information it issues to tourists visiting Egypt.

According to news available by Tuesday afternoon, Sudan and Egypt were continuing to negotiate the release of the 19 hostages in a process involving Germany - a country from where some of the kidnapped people, including the Romanian citizen, come.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has included Egypt on the list of countries where explicit travel warnings apply, a list that includes Afghanistan, Iraq, Rwanda and Kosovo.

The Ministry informed that tourists going to Egypt are advised to stick to organized trips that are accompanied by the police or the army.

Some 500-700 Romanians are leaving for Egypt weekly, with five weekly charter flights from Bucharest to Egypt available during this period.