As it holds the EU presidency until the end of the year, France decided to mark the honor by putting up a huge map of the 27 EU member states in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But the map shows a little inaccuracy when it comes to Romania, where ministers are changed often.

The map has become a pilgrimage place for throngs of tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower daily. The nationality of the tourists can easily be identified as they take pictures of themselves at the place where the map of their country is drawn. Non-EU countries in Europe are also drawn, but their names are missing.

The map is flanked by the flags of EU member states and by large boards showing important political, social and economic data of each country. As the boards were built many months ago, the ex-head of Romanian diplomacy, Adrian Cioroianu, still figures of Romania's Foreign minister and member of the Government despite having been replaced.