Each European government will make use of its own instruments to deal with the financial crisis but in a coordinated manner, French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared after the Paris Summit dedicated to the financial crisis hitting Europe. Sarkozy urged government to take rapid and serious measured in order to counter the possible effects of the financial crisis. All important financial players on the markets should be carefully supervised.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy summoned all European leaders in Paris on Saturday for a mini summit to deal with the financial crisis affecting Europe. Thus, leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel or British PM Gordon Brown, together with the Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi met representatives of the European Central Bank and the Eurogroup to push for solutions that would counter the possible financial disasters.

The meeting's main goal was to level the possible reactions of European governments to the crisis and avoid the adoption, at the national level, of measures that could affect the general economic and financial stability of Europe.