Economy and Finance ministers and central banks' governors in the G7 countries - Germany, Canada, USA, France, UK, Italy and Japan - gathered in Washington on Friday, at 20:00h (Romania time), in order to discuss the financial crisis that torn the international markets, the actions took by each country to face the crisis and to plan joint actions for the solving of the situation.

UPDATE: Japan will suggest the opening of an emergency fund of 200 billion US Dollars (143 billion Euros), in order to offer loans to smaller countries, affected by the crisis.

The United States will be the ones pointed at as guilty for the crisis, since the entire problem begun one year ago, on its soil. Russia may join the group after the reunion ends.

President George W. Bush is expected to make a public statement on Friday, around 16:00h GMT.

On Saturday, Washington will host a meeting of the Economy and Finance ministers of the rich and the developing countries, members of the G 20 group.