Republic of Moldova President Vladimir Voronin is ready to talk to his Transniester counterpart about his plan to end the Transniester conflict, Nezavisimaia gazeta informs. According to the Moldovan president, he sent files containing the necessary documents to all those sitting at the negotiation table, except for Transniester.

Sources within the Russian Foreign Affairs ministry declared that file contains the same solutions as a couple of years ago and the documents are the same, except they're dated recently. Lately, Voronin offered several interviews to the Russian press on the subject.

Nonetheless, Voronin seems to be starting his electoral campaign early as his party promised in the electoral battle that they would deal with the Transniester conflict once and for all. Economically, the financial crisis tampered with Voronin's targets: Moldovan citizens working abroad, especially in Russia, had to return home. Even so, next parliamentary elections will be organized in completely new settings, Republican Party president Nicolae Andronic declared.