In an interview for, Ukraine's Ambassador to Bucharest, Markiyan Kulyk talks about the Hague process against Romania over the Black Sea continental plateau, arguing that finally, both parties would win since the Hague trial will end the oldest and most controversial dispute. Kulyk moderated his stand on the issue since September 1, 2008 when he declared that his country will win over Romania in this case.

Kulyk declared that he was confident that a Hague solution would promote and facilitate bilateral relations among the two countries. He added that once the two countries resolve their main dispute, bilateral relations would be able to focus more on cooperation on other issues.

Kulyk declared that Ukraine's solution presented at the trial is an equitable one that complies to international law and the equity principle. However, he underlined that both countries had different versions of what a fair delimitation line of the continental plateau could be.

When prompted whether Ukraine was certain of a victory, Kulyk moderated his stand saying that Ukraine's certainty is that its position is well grounded and it fully trusts the decision and objectivity of the Court on the issue.