French political expert Philippe Moreau-Defarge fully agrees with the recent statement made by the Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, saying that the American economic domination is over, but also emphasizing on the fact that Russia overestimates its power. Without being an economic power, Russia must assume a marginal role in the global negotiations that will take place in order to attempt to solve the international financial crisis. The new players, Defarge considers in an interview for, are China, India, Brazil and the Arab countries.

The analyst considers that one of the immediate targets is the changing of the system so that geo-political altering is avoided. A geo-political disorder may even lead to war or deeper crisis. The first step suggested by the analyst is the stabilization of the financial system through the imposing of new rules, making a peaceful transition towards a new geo-political system. Since it is clear the nowadays political system is not stable, the economic crisis may deepen, and the consequence may be expressed through geo-political disorder. Reforming the system will take a lot of time and will be difficult, the French expert says.

Philippe Moreau-Defarge agrees with Russian president Medvedev on the fact that the American economic domination has ended, but also underlines that fact that Russia over evaluates its power. In case new dominant players emerge, Russia will not be among them, despite its huge resources, the analyst says.