The Meet me at Sunset exposition, part of the Independent Biannual in Liverpool was organized by Nicole Bartos, artist and custodian includes several Romanian artists: Oana Camilleri Urcan, Silviu Pascalin, Roxana Tohaneanu Shields, Crina Boros and Nicole Bartos. The works were presented in Liverpool at the Victorian villa Ulle Grange.

Custodian Nicole Bartos talks in an interview for about the idea of the vernisage and the Romanian artists. Bartos declared that she met Romania's Cultural Center in London director Ramona Mitrica who helped her contact several Romanian artists. Moreover, she adde that she planned the vernisage in order to promote Romanian artists abroad.

The vernisage also hosted some works of other international artists, eager to make their works known. Bartos declared that all artists that joined the exposition inspire from the creation and have a metaphysical approach.

Silviu Pascalin, aged 22, is the youngest artist at the Meet me at Sunset and this is his second enounter with the public. Pascalin declared that Bartos loved two of his already known photos and he made another two images, especially for the project.