The German Finance Minister, Peer Steinbruck, declared on Tuesday that Switzerland deserves to be put on the tax-heaven black list, accusing the lack of cooperation of the country in applying international fiscal regulations.

"Switzerland should be on the black list, instead of the green list of the states with good fiscal cooperation practices", said Steinbruck in a press conference in Paris.

"I do not question the sovereignty of Switzerland or Lichtenstein. The sovereignty of the German Federal Republic is under discussion because of the conditions some countries offer", the official said.

"The banking secrecy showed its limits. Switzerland made some progress, but we have to walk a lot more on this road", added the French Budget Minister, Eric Woerth.

The statements came during the international reunion gathered against tax-heavens, a reunion in which Switzerland and Luxembourg decided not to participate.

The 17 states participating in the conference demanded the European Cooperation and Development Organization to revise the "black list" of non-cooperative tax-heavens.

Another conference on the subject is expected in May or June, in Berlin.