The Rome mayor, Giani Alemanno, declared for that he will launch an information campaign in order to change the image Romanian immigrants have in the Italian capital. "The idea that a Romanian is an enemy is not part of my mentality. Within one year, we shall eliminate all prejudice about Romanians. We shall conduct a well-thought campaign, starting with an information campaign an making the two people know each other better", said Alemanno.

The Rome mayor promises art events and celebrations. A special commission will be put up for immigrants and, if needed, a commission will be put up only for Romanian immigrants.

The official reminded about the common roots of the two people. "A cultural integration policy is required, in which Romanians should be privileged among other immigrants, now more then ever, since Romania is part of the European Union. But Romanians should be the first to isolate and survey the negative elements within their community", said Alemanno.

At the same time, the mayor announced that the census of nomads ended, the data was sent to the official institutions, the number of migratory people diminished and work is done for offering decent homes to those who have legal documents for staying in Italy.