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Romania president Basescu: We need an international corruption surveillance system

de Radu Rizea
Vineri, 7 noiembrie 2008, 11:51 English | Regional Europe

"There are no new elements in the international crisis. On the contrary, the adopted measures started to produce effects. There are serious talks about the reconstruction of an international surveillance system", said Romania president Traian Basescu before leaving for Brussels, along with Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The two officials will participate in the informal summit of the EU states discussing the financial crisis. Romania will plead, among others, for the protection of non-Euro currencies against speculation attacks.

Basescu's main statements:

- The purpose of this reunion is the stating of a common position of the European Union regarding the global financial crisis;

- There are no new elements in the crisis, on the contrary, the adopted measures started to produce effects;

- There are serious talks about reconstructing the architecture of international surveillance systems;

- A crisis prevention system must be introduced;

- The reunion in Washington may be the moment for starting the reconstruction of the global economy surveillance system;

- We need to introduce an international system for corruption surveillance;

- The rating agencies must be submitted to a regulation and surveillance system;

- The International Monetary Fund should play a more important role in regulating the financial system;

- We don't support the merger of IMF with the Stability Fund;

- We support the European Union in playing a more important role in its relation with the IMF.

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