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Markus Ferber: Romania's Parliament needs to prove that democracy is a chance not a burden

de A.C.
Miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2008, 12:31 English | Regional Europe

German MEP Markus Ferber talks in a Deutsche Welle interview that the immunity of Romanian politicians does not need to eliminate trials in a rule of law because it is in the interest of the Parliament to prove their innocence. Ferber declared that the uninominal voting system would make Parliamentarians more accountable and restore citizens' trust in politicians. In his opinion Romania needs to take seriously the problems in justice, reform the administration and return property confiscated in the Communist regime.

Ferber declared that Romania should learn some lessons from the European Parliament procedures where these are actually enforced. He added that within the EP, all Parliamentarians do their job and actively participate in debates. What's more, there are strict regulations enforced with serious consequences if they are not respected. He gives an example of a fellow MEP who was suspended for four weeks because he cast a vote in the name of another MEP.

Ferber underlines that all politicians should prove their innocence if they are part of a political scandal, and obide the law. He added that the Parliament is the guardian of the fight against corruption and for setting a democratic example for the whole country.

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