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Republic of Moldova urges Romania to moderate its disturbing declarations

de A.C.
Miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2008, 16:20 English | Regional Europe

The Foreign Affairs ministry of the Republic of Moldova invited a representative of the Romanian Embassy to Chisinau to receive a written notification warning that Romania should moderate its disturbing declarations against Moldova's statehood, sovereignty or territorial integrity, NewsIn informs.

Moldavian authorities have information that Romanian officials will challenge Moldova's statehood in the early future, through various declarations, the document reads. The document refers to the recent attempts of the Romanian Foreign Affairs minister Lazar Comanescu to develop and strengthen the relation between the two countries. Thus, Moldovan authorities urge their Romanian counterparts to pay specific attention to the declarations put forward by Romanian officials.

The document urges officials to respect European norms and standards and encourage a diplomatic language that would not leave room for erroneous interpretations that could offer ground for speculations.

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