Romania president Traian Basescu declared after the summit in Brussels that a solution to solve the economic crisis begins to take shape. The head of state reminded the Georgian crisis and the financial crisis, two major problems that marked the French presidency of the European Union.

Traian Basescu's main statements:

- EU had a good reaction and contribution in solving the crisis;

- The solutions to solve the crisis begin to take shape, although heads of states accuse the unemployment rate increase;

- The main successful actions of the French presidency were to unblock the Lisbon treaty and to establish a set of rules for energy

- The procedures for accessing European funds will be simplified by the European Commission.

- Along with the Prime Minister, we managed to discuss all Romania's points of interest.

Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu's main statements:

- Steps have to be taken to maintain the jobs;

- There is a possibility to see the budgetary deficit surpassed;

- Everybody understands that there is a war to fight off the crisis effects;

- The measures adopted in the energy field is favorable for Romania;

- In fighting the financial crisis, Europe reacted faster than the US;

- We must continue supporting the active economy, not only the banking system.

- It is time for Romania to involve in ambitious plans.