A Romanian woman and her three years old son died in a fire in Rome, Italy, 11 days ago, in an improvised camp, due to a heating device. The father, Cristian Verbuncu declared that the three spent their best Christmas together and, while he was out working, the house burnt to the ground leaving mother and child dead.

An army of journalists, reporters, policemen and authorities arrived at the scene, where the 'Christmas tragedy' happened - the event was portrayed in local newspapers as the place where the isle without the three mags burnt. Devastated, the father declared that they were planning to move to a real house, the next day.

Rome's mayor, Alemanno declared that he will shut down all improvised camps. Romanians living in Ostia, nearby Rome where the tragedy happened started collecting money with the help of the Church.

Several social institutions and organizations offered their support for Cristian: Salvamamme organized a traditional isle for Christmas where each mother brings her own child, in the memory of Dorina and Cristinel, to increase awareness. President in the local city hall, Giacomo Vizzani declared that he will support all financial costs of the funeral.

Vice President of the Assoforum association declared that he offered Cristian Verbuncu a job, in Rome starting January 12. He declared that he made an honorable act of solidarity.