Romanian natural gas distribution company Transgaz announced that the gas deliveries at the Isaccea entry point are fully stopped at this moment, in order to avoid losing pressure in the pipelines. Technical maneuvers are taking place in order to ensure gas deliveries towards the affected population.

"As a result of the gas delivery ceasing, the complete shut down of the import station became necessary, in order to avoid the depressurization of pipelines. The amount of natural gas entering through this point is 4.7 million cubic meters per day", an Economy Ministry release informs. An emergency reunion takes place at the Economy Ministry on Tuesday morning.

Natural gas deliveries towards Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Turkey were ceased by Russia on Monday night, the Bulgarian Economy and Energy Ministry announced.

Russian giant Gazprom drastically reduced the gas deliveries that used pipelines via Ukraine, from 221 to 92 million cubic meters per day. Within a few hours, the effects will be felt in the entire Western Europe.

The Russian - Ukrainian natural gas war begun after the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, ordered the Gazprom giant to reduce the deliveries via Ukraine, in order to "discourage" the gas theft.

Russia promises to supply energy via Belarus, Poland and Turkey. Romania receives its gas exclusively via Ukraine.

UPDATE: The situation in European Union States:

14:00h: The Czech Republic, Poland and Austria announced they are receiving less natural gas than the usual quota;

13:30h: Gazprom accuses Ukraine of blocking three natural gas pipelines;

13:20h: Slovakia receives one quarter of the usual gas deliveries;

13:00h: Germany announces that pressure in gas pipelines has decreased.