An undercover BBC shooting revealed an illegally employed Romanian maid with fake Portuguese IDs working in a four star hotel in London. The hotel, Kensington Close, ran by a very rich family hired Romanian employees that owned fake Portuguese IDs. One of the maids declared for BBC that she paid 200 pounds for the fake IDs in order to be able to work in Britain despite restrictions Britain immigration law imposed for Romanians and Bulgarians.

The Cola family, owners of the hotel denied any implication whatsoever and declared that the maids are hired through a third party and they are responsible for checking the authenticity of the documents.

However, what is awkward is that BBC manages to take part in maids meetings conducted in Romanian, even though the hotel officials declared that they had no idea. Immigration officials declared that they are currently searching for those who forged papers and who exploit workers.

The employer who hires illegal workers could be fined with 10,000 pounds for each illegal employee. If the investigation finds that the director of the hotel knew the real identity of the Romanian women, they will be also fined. Workers found will be repatriated but not fined and their return in the UK will not be restricted if they did not commit other felonies.