After announcing on Tuesday morning that the natural gas deliveries towards Europe were re-launched, Russia accuses Ukraine of not opening up the pipelines, as formally agreed, RIA Novosti informs. Officials in Kiev confirm that the transit is blocked and accuse, on their turn, the :unacceptable conditions imposed by Gazprom".

"Gazprom started to deliver natural gas towards Ukraine at the established hour. The pressure in pipelines at the Sudja point reached 75 bars, while the consumption at the Ukrainian entry point is zero, meaning that Ukraine has its pipelines shut", said Gazprom sources.

Gazprom vice president Alexandr Medvedev announced that Russia informed EU that it finds itself in the impossibility to provide gas towards Europe through Ukraine. "The Ukrainian party cynically informed us that their gas lines are re-oriented towards interior consumption. Under these circumstances, the gas entering the system can not reach the European consumers", said Medvedev.

Medvedev also accused Ukraine for not allowing the Russia observers to enter the pressure measuring units on Ukrainian soil. PM Vladimir Putin informed the European Commission president, Jose Manuel Barroso, that Ukraine doesn't allow the gas to transit towards Europe.

Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz admitted that it blocks the Russian gas, "because of the unacceptable conditions imposed by Gazprom".